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Rock video

There are things TV news can do better than any other news medium. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing where to be with a camera. Last night, WGCL showed that Broad St. in downtown Atlanta is such a place. Harry Samler produced a terrific piece on drug use and drug dealing there– just blocks away from the Federal buildings, City Hall and the state Capitol.

Samler used an old-school hidden camera technique. His photog simply went into a Broad St. business, and shot video out the window. The camera captured street folks transacting drug deals, lighting one-hit pipes, even dropping rocks of crack to the ground and picking them up again. He watched a cop handcuff a guy, then release him. Best of all, Samler somehow convinced a drug dealer to empty his pockets and show him his stash– with the camera in plain sight, and the CBS-46 truck in the background.

The story would have been better if Samler had done an on-camera interview with a Zone 5 cop. But we won’t quibble. This was very nicely done, giving WGCL’s paltry viewership a good reason to keep watching.

Snapshot of history

  • Update:  WGCL produced the story below in the fall of 2007.
  • When the “whole” story is still a work-in-progress, then sometimes a snapshot of the story is instructive.  The DeKalb Co. PD has been a basket case, to varying degrees, for many years.  The weird hiring of Terrell Bolton as its chief, who succeeded the sometimes-reckless Lou Graham, left the department uneasy.  So hats off to Harry Samler at CBS-46 for this odd snapshot of Bolton and his tentative relationship with the county that hired him:Samler does a laudable job of following up, and it’s classic: Rather than trying to figure out a) why the chief lives in an RV in Stone Mountain Park in b) an RV stripped of county tags, the county launches an investigation into who leaked the story! But did Samler miss an important part of the story? A new blog for disgruntled DeKalb cops suggests that Chief Bolton has been living in a county-owned RV. And his family still lives in Dallas. Maybe the family feels safer there.