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Who’s that guy?

Von Haessler, Weiss, Ski

Von Haessler, Weiss, Ski

Election night might be a tough sell for local TV.  The presidential race is at center stage, and the networks and cable news channels will own the audience.  Not to mention, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert will host an actual live broadcast at 10 election night.  Talk about must-see TV.

Perhaps it’s in the spirit of Comedy Central that WXIA is trotting out an unusual cast of characters to comment on its election coverage.  The station will run continuous local coverage on WATL, with commentary from local FM radio DJs Frank Ski, Eric Von Haessler and Bert Weiss.  “You’ll be watching anyway, why not get your coverage in a completely new and different way?” WXIA asks in a news release touting its “election blogic.”

WSB’s punditry will be a bit more conventional.  It’ll lean on pollster and ex-state Representative Matt Towery, who has been showing up in WSB’s 6 o’clock news over the last few weeks with variations on a theme:  “It’s gonna be close!”  We offer this, with apologies to Towery and Letterman.

WAGA and WGCL may have pundits of their own, too.  Hopefully, they’ll have important-sounding backgrounds and resumes.  With any luck, they turned up in the Daily Show piece below.

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Btw, Towery has blessed the above video.  We promised we’d mention his book, Paranoid Nation, on sale now.