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Covers Dixie Like the Don’t

  • Piling onto the AJC has been a too-easy sport for many years.  Yet the depth to which it has sunk since last year’s famed “re-org” has never been more evident than in recent weeks.
  • – The AJC couldn’t be bothered to send its own reporter to the Savannah sugar plant fire.  Not so long ago,  they had a reporter full-time on the coast.
  • – Its dispatches from big primary / caucus states were mostly wire service offerings.
  •  – Likewise, the Super Bowl, World Series and baseball playoffs (except for columnists). 

Its best reporter, Jane Hansen, was among the many who took the buyout.  Sports, once a saving grace, is rapidly thinning.   This leads to the question:  Why subscribe?  It’s available online.  And the national stories are much better covered by the NY Times, also available by subscription.  I’ve subscribed to the AJC for 21 years.  Now it’s mostly out of habit.  I can finish its salient contents during the course of a morning sit-down.  At least they still have Luckovich.