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Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Sharon Beasley Teague, a state lawmaker, is in trouble for ethics violations.  WAGA’s story is hilarious for all the right reasons: Note the hat worn by the lawmaker.  It looks like a furry doughnut, wrapped crown-like around her scalp.  Note the graphic, outlining her contention that she drove from Atlanta to Albany to Savannah to Dillard (Rabun Co.) and back to Atlanta all in one day.  Note the standup by Paul Yates.  No doubt, his managers at WAGA– geeked up for the February sweeps– had admonished Yates to “be creative” in his standup and “get the story out of the Capitol.”  Yates’s on camera response is a deftly-raised middle finger to those admonitions.